Jewelry Transformations

To B creative is what we Love! Jewelry Transformations are one of our specialties at the store. Chrissy B and the B Team are a group of skilled and talented designers ready to see what you have sitting in your jewelry box! We love to inspire you to pull out those pieces, make an appointment, and bring them in. We will work together to come up with ideas to repurpose your precious metals and or gems and TRANSFORM them into something you will wear and enjoy often! Here at Baribault’s we believe that jewelry is meant to B worn & anything is possible. Sometimes the pieces sitting in the jewelry box are simply not being worn because “it’s not your style” anymore, or it was “inherited and is so sentimental but its not your style”.
Let’s modernize and get you wearing these pieces again! A jewelry transformation has such opportunity to create a new piece that can bring so much joy to the wearer.

“Thank you so much for helping me transform my ring into something beautiful I will treasure forever! Baribault’s is amazing, and I can’t wait to transform some other old pieces!”
-Kathy T

One of the awesome jewelry transformations from our recent Transformation Event is finished! A beautiful purple gem ring was a gift from a tropical island vacation she went on with her husband. The gem felt special and beautiful to her but the setting no longer did… so we reset the purple gem into something shinier and New! WOW! What a difference… mission accomplished

The idea was to combine her engagement ring and 25 year diamond anniversary band into One! She will enjoy the ease of wearing one ring and loves the combined sentiment. Lotsa Love Vibes in this Ring

A Ring unworn and sitting in her jewelry box. She loves necklaces! Soooo let’s transform …from a ring to a necklace keeping the beautiful lace details of the ring intact! Mission accomplished!

Three rings Transformed into two! Her 2 wedding rings and one anniversary band were restyled using all her sentimental diamonds We added a few more diamonds to finish the design and Voila! A beautiful and complete New Look! Enjoy these new beauties Melissa

POP! Her original diamond sure does. Shown set before and after in her New setting that we customized in a Bloom style Ring. Enjoy this strong Bold beautiful new look that totally matches you- FUN FACT- this strong young woman, wife and mom of 2 has run almost 40 marathons! Tessa, Enjoy your next race in Chicago soon

A Transformed trio of matching necklaces connecting this mom and her two daughters while celebrating Her Dad ( grandpa ) and his decades of working for Delta. These sentimental Lapel Pins Transformed. I love creating something wearable from pieces that haven’t been worn in years. I especially Love the Joy this type of project brings to my Customers.

I love this story. One of my customers came to me with this blue sapphire pin passed down to her when she had her first baby boy. Now over 30 years later her daughter just had her first baby boy, so time to pass it on again! Of course, not without a little “transforming”. check out the pics. Enjoy! Gosh, I so love before and afters of all kinds!!!