Power To B

The Power to B Collection

For 20+ years, Chrissy B. has been a reputable jewelry designer at Baribault Jewelers in CT. She also holds a passion for connecting people to her NEW “Power to B” collection of bracelets!
These pieces act as a POWERFUL visual REMINDER to the wearer.
Through her own experiences of challenge and growth Chrissy has learned that we all have the powers inside to live an amazing life and rise through challenge- wearing this bracelet as a daily reminder of how strong, fearless, fierce, limitless, brave and badass is a key part of getting where we want to B each day. Chrissy has done this practice for over 15 years and lives the power of it and wants to share her knowledge and experience with everyone she can so they can bring intention, joy and success to their lives too.
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“A special thank you goes out to Christina Baribault-Ortiz and her family at Baribault Jewelers for making our 15th birthday extra special with the Power to B necklaces. Julia now has the courage to face her sophomore year and be fearless at whatever comes her way, and I am going to be facing mine knowing that no matter what I want to achieve, I’m going to be limitless in my expectations to succeed at all of my goals! We will both wear these necklaces with pride and they will help us B the best version of ourselves.”
-Emily M.