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At-Home Jewelry Cleaning


A bowl of water


Dawn Dish Soap

A soft bristle toothbrush


Minimum: 10 minutes

Maximum: overnight


The Baribault Method is perfect for real gemstones and gold jewelry of any color. It is not ideal for pearls, opal, emeralds, silver, or fashion jewelry that is not gold.  Use this method for your  fine jewelry!

step one

Prep the solution

Heat up warm water in a small bowl, and add some Windex until the water becomes light blue. Add a few drops of Dawn Liquid Soap to the mixture, and you’re ready to go!

step TWO

Add your jewelry

Place your fine jewelry into the solution! Remember, this method is ideal for gold, diamonds, and other fine gemstone jewelry. It is not ideal for silver, pearls, or opal.

step THREE

Let it soak, let it soak!

This gentle solution won’t hurt your fine jewelry, so you can let it soak anywhere from 10 minutes for a quick shine to overnight for a deeper clean. 

step four

Prepare to scrub

You’ll need a sink with a drain that can close, to make sure no jewelry escapes down the pipes. Gather a hand towel, a soft bristle toothbrush, and your bowl of jewelry.

step five

Magic eraser time

Dip the soft bristle toothbrush into the solution, and use it to scrub each piece of jewelry, one by one. Make sure you get into every crevice, prong, and engraving for a deep clean.

step six

Rinse (and repeat anytime!)

With your drain closed, rinse each piece of jewelry with cold water. Then, lay them all on a hand towel, and fold it over to pat them dry. Your jewelry is sparkling like new!


See The Baribault Method in action!

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